World Federation of Societies for Paediatric Urology

Progress Medels

Progress Medal 2022 is awarded to
Prof. Martin Koyle

Professor of Surgery
University of Toronto

Prof Stuart Bauer : Dear Marty, Prof Bajpai, honoured members and guests of the association and attendees to this conference, It gives me great pleasure to introduce Dr. Martin koyle, as the winner of this year's pediatric urology progress medal at the ispu-aspu annual society's meeting.


I met Marty many years ago when he was a urology resident at Brigham women's hospital at Boston. At that time, although, initially not focussed on Pediatric Urology as a career choice, he became interested in it, when he rotated on our services at Boston children's hospital.

After completing his urology residency at the brigham, he accepted a fellowship in pediatric urology at ucla under the tutelage of doctor richard ehrlich and jacob raefer. After completing his specialty training, he remained in ucla for 5 years, eventually becoming director of pediatric urology at la county hospital.

In 1991, as dr bajpai mentioned, he moved to denver, where he assumed the chairmanship of pediatric urology at the children's hospital, remaining there for 17 fruitful and productive years. In 2008, he moved to seattle to become the mitchell endowed chair in pediatric urology at seattle children's hospital. In 2011, he returned home to canada where he first assumed the programme directorship for urology at the hospital for sick children in Toronto and then in 2013 as his leadership skills were recognized, he was named the chief of the division of pediatric urology and women's auxiliary chair at sick kids. 7 years later in 2020, he retired, given his restlessness, drive and inquisitiveness, he didn't exactly retire. He accepted an academic posiiton at the University of minnesota in minneapolis, where he now works part time. Despite this very pathetic career, Marty has accomplished an impressive amount as an academician advancing our field of pediatric urology to new heights of excellence. He was promoted to the rank of professor at Denver, Seattle, Toronto, as each of these institutions acknowledged his academic prowess. Marty has received numerous honors that will take more time than I’m allowed for this introduction to note. One of his cherished moments occured when he received the award for excellence in teaching from the trainees at sick kids hospital, this was his mantra. He related to me, one of his greatest thrills, was being asked to present his work and write a review on development of hypospadias surgery from its eraly beginnings upto its current form at the third world congress of pediatric surgery at Delhi in October 2010. Two additional honours that he has cherished were his election to the royal college of surgeons of England in 2009 and being awarded an honorary lifetime membership in the British association of pediatric urologists based on merit in 2019. When one peruses his cv, it is impressive to see how many extra-curricular activities he was involved in during his illustrious career. He has served on the editorial boards of many prominent pediatric urology peer reviewed Journals. He's been an executive committee member and then president of several prominent pediatric urology societies including the society for pediatric urology, the American association of pediatric urology and the rocky mountain urology society among others. He was part of several task forces for the American urological association to improve the management of children with urological diseases. Irrespective of his academic achievements, Marty has also been a submit citizen as he has served on a multitude of important committees during his tenure at each of these institutions. He has been affliated with and fostered the education of numerous trainees. Marty is a gregarious, thoughtful, and inventive individual, who can be both serious and funny at the same time. At the wee willies dinner in Miami two months ago, Marty was honoured by his peers, one of the highest levels of recognition one can receive for all that he has contributed to pediatric urology both scientifically and socially during his long and illustrious career. During the ceremony, many laudatory words from people near and far would bestow on him as has been his want he did not let this swell his head, accepting the praise with humility and grace. This is a major reason why Marty and i have been great friends and why i cherish our relationship so much for all these years. At this time, i would like to share some pictures of marty at work and play before he actually receives this prestigious award. I'm going to share my screen.

Marty has been involved in a number of medical missions around the world and he has been an ambassador of pediatric urology. Here you can see him in calle, columbia, saudi arabia, turkey and brown university in rhode island. He's been to gaza, uganda, rwanda, guatemala and the west bank, teaching and spewing forth all his knowledge to help people, surgeons, and physicians take care of children with urologic diseases. In egypt, you can see he relaxed a little bit, riding a camel, horse, smoking but also stalking on important cases at the same time. As was mentioned he became chairman pediatric urology & named - women's auxiliary endowed chair in 2013 in urology at sick kids and here he's receiving the award and position from the surgeon-in-chief and all and then below that is all the members of the dept of division of ped urology at sick kids at that time.

Marty has numerous interests, as you can see he started playing hockey when he was a child and he played for south southern california blazers in 1980 and they won a championship one year and ten years later he played for the colorado scorpions. He enjoys skiing. The marathon runner and here you can see him with ellen his wife after he completed one of his many marathons. He likes to bake and has been a chef working at the ritz for a while producing these breads and doughnots and other goodies with the pastry chef. He likes to paint. And you can see his rendition of the van gogh's starry night. I think its worth almost as much as what the original is valued for.

He likes to play golf and i must say he is not a great golfer and thats why they imprinted his face on a golf ball so that when he hits it into the woods it becomes easy to find. He likes to show off himself as a fashionista, as a clown, macho man, you can see he just enjoys life. He is a food critic as well. He knows the best restaurants in any city you name. I've asked for recommendations when we travel around before covid hit the world. In younger days, hew was a musician in a rock band. He learnt to play the piano. Here he is singing. Also enjoys listening blues brothers and one of his favourite artists is justin beiber. His stage name is marvin the man. But at heart he is a true canadian.

As Dr. Bajpai mentioned, he has received additional degrees from the university of toronto in msc qips. He has a masters in management from mcgill university and an online mba course from tulane university.

Currently, despite his being retired, he is a faculty at university of toronto for quality insurance and masters in system leadership and innovation in learning health systems around us. He is a faculty in mcgill univeristy in international masters in health leadership And at university of minnesota, he is adjunct prof in mentoring pediatric urology faculty and mentoring residents in quality improvement projects. Besides all his professional work, marty enjoys being with his family. Here he is with his family ellen, charlie and claire. In his later years, he celebrtaed milestones of charlie and claire's graduations and marriages. And ofcourse he loves being with his grandchildren.

Before i close, i'd like to mention three things, marty was named fellow at royal college of surgeons. In england, he was given an honorary degree because of his merit to the british association at pediatric urology. He was awarded this 2 months ago two years later because of covid and the cancellation of the event 2 years ago but he was honoured by his peers in the wee willy society of american urolgists. So it's been a wonderful to tribute marty when i was actually wasn't asked to do this but i volunteered because i think marty is a terrific guy and well well deserving of this honour from the ispu-aspu.

Without further adieu, i'd like to congratulate marty on this achievement for a lifetime of giving


A Tribute by:

Dr. Stuart B. Bauer

Department of Urology,
Keck School of Medicine,
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles &
Harvard medical School,
Children's Hospital Boston,